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Chris Tsongas

Introducing: 'Slow Burn' at Back Bend Yoga

  with Featured Teacher of the Month Chris Tsongas

"In this mindful practice, breathing exercises and strong standing poses provide the warmup. Downward facing dog, chaturanga and upward facing dog are minimized in favor of challenging and fun arm balances and inversions. These build mental focus and clarity for the wide variety of held poses that follow."

Experience the Burn with Chris - Drop-ins are only $7 for the month of April

Sunday 9:30am-10:45am

Welcome to Back Bend Yoga

Connecting the Community through the ancient practice of Yoga.

Back Bend Yoga is a community of Yogis of all ages and stages of development. We come together to sare the journey of evolution, self-discovery, and radiant wellness that yoga has guided us on since ancient times.  Yoga is a serious practice with deep-rooted results, but we believe that the journey should be light-hearted, fun, and inclusive.  At Back Bend Yoga, we are not limited to any one style of yoga as we believe that there is something valuable in every approach, for every yogi, at every place on the yogic path.  Whether you have never stepped foot on a mat, or are continuing your practice over many moons, Back Bend Yoga welcomes you into our community.

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Kirtan and Healing Mantra Music Concert
Apr 24th,2014

Kirtan and healing mantra music at Back Bend Yoga.  Register for this event here.

Musical Journey Through the Chakras
May 3rd,2014

Join us for a pround experience in sound, movement and vibration. Register for this event here.

Costa Rica Yoga and Surf Retreat
May 4th,2014 ~ May 10th,2014

Join Wendy Christainsen in Costa Rica for an unforgettable experience!

registration details here