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Vanessa Schulz

If you haven't yet experienced the bliss of Vanessa's Yin classes, now is your chance!

Vanessa has been teaching at BBY since it's inception, and has a loyal following of students. This month we are making it easy for you to come experience Vanessa's magic by offering all of her classes for only a $7 drop-in!


Vanessa's Classes are offered:

Monday 5:30 - 6:45pm Friday 12:00 - 1:15pm


Did you know? In addition to being a gifted yoga teacher, Vanessa is a filmmaker. To further her journey into environmental and animal rights activism, Vanessa founded 21st Paradigm, a non-profit organization that uses film to promote the intrinsic value of all life. Vanessa's films have won sixteen festival selections and seven awards, including two "Best Documentary" Awards. The Jackson Hole Wildlife Film Festival created a unique award "For a filmmaker with the courage to pursue a difficult and controversial subject." As a part of BendFilm this month, Vanessa will be releasing Lost Dogs; A story of betrayal and redemption, failure and ultimate triumph, "Lost Dogs" proves that courage is contagious, and one dog can make a difference. Don't miss this inspiring film! The screening times are: Friday, October 10th 8:00pm at the Tower Theater and Saturday, October 11th 8:00pm at the Regal Theater Tickets are going fast! So get yours today by clicking here.

Welcome to Back Bend Yoga

Connecting the Community through the ancient practice of Yoga.

Back Bend Yoga is a community of Yogis of all ages and stages of development. We come together to sare the journey of evolution, self-discovery, and radiant wellness that yoga has guided us on since ancient times.  Yoga is a serious practice with deep-rooted results, but we believe that the journey should be light-hearted, fun, and inclusive.  At Back Bend Yoga, we are not limited to any one style of yoga as we believe that there is something valuable in every approach, for every yogi, at every place on the yogic path.  Whether you have never stepped foot on a mat, or are continuing your practice over many moons, Back Bend Yoga welcomes you into our community.


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